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I'm really pleased to take on commissions of all sizes and complexity.

Small portraits 20cm x 25cm similar to Isla on the left, framed in oak 47cm x 37cm with UV glass, are the most popular size and style and start at £800.

Ideally I like to take a photograph of the subject/s but I appreciate this isn't always possible. However I do like to use an image in which the subject is quite still, I feel this adds to the quiet  gentleness of the work. It is good to have several photographs to choose from, that we can look at together and select the best one for the project. Once the photograph is decided on a 50% deposit is required to start the project.The balance is due, on completion, prior to delivery.

I prefer to involve my clients as the project progresses, decisions about colour and composition are agreed early on as these things aren't easily changed once the stitching has started. You also might like me to include text or a prop of some kind, I'd be happy to quote for this.

If you would like me to stitch a portrait, please get in touch with a few details. If you would like the work for a particular anniversary please let me know your time scale.

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