Still lifes

Still lifes

Whilst working on a collaborative project 'In Conversation' with fellow maker Bridget Bailey in 2016 Emily was again exploring the idea of portraits, looking at depicting the person through their workspace and tools. The pincushion is a vital tool if you are working in textiles, they are often beautifully made in tiny needle point. Emily is interested in representing stitch with stitch, but also how in doing so the already lovely object is imbued with greater reverence. 

When you make a portrait and there is a recognisable likeness it is really exciting for the viewer who knows the person, when Bridget saw her pincushion portrait she had this same frisson of recognition. There is a very personal connection between a maker and their tools. Emily has spoken to many people who have their mothers or grandmothers pincushions and they hold cherished memories of making projects. Emily's pincushion portraits celebrate craft and people who make. 

Emily's Still life are available to buy, please get in touch for stockist details or to see what is available to buy direct.


Pincushion portrait - Emily.  Silk organza applique, hand stitched. Oak frame size 42cm x 52cm - SOLD

The Other Side -  beaker with brushes. Silk organza appliqué, hand stitched. Oak frame size 40cm x 47cm - £1040


Under a Beech Tree, Fern in Bonne Mamam Jar 2016 hand embroidered silk organza on linen - SOLD

Footpath to Southwold 2014, Linen, silk organza applique, hand embroidered – Framed size 50 x 41cm - £975